Radiation Measurement

Amongst others, we distribute products of the company Itech-Instruments. One of the core products is the Interwinner software, which is used in more than 75% of German nuclear power plants to analyze activity measurements. However, Itech-Instruments also offers a complete solution of electronics for gamma and alpha spectrometry, be it as Stand-alone complete unit or as NIM components. Based on this, we update or supply new measuring technology such as BodyCounter, drum measuring systems, radiometric sorting of concrete fractures, mobile systems for clearance measurement or nuclear-specific hazard prevention and much more. Quality, good and fast service, 2 years warranty and a fair price speak for us.
These are supplemented products to the traditional components such as lead castles, scintillation detectors, machine parts, cryotechnology and test emitters of other suppliers with whom we have worked closely for years.

We would be happy to prepare a quote for you that corresponds to your measuring tasks